Sunday, October 29, 2006


Daylight Savings Time, part 2

Uruguay went to daylight savings time at the beginning of the month. (See this post.) Now that the US is going off daylight savings time, there will be a three hour time difference between Uruguay and Eastern Time. When we arrived in August, there was only an hour difference.

Seth Godin re-visits Daylight Savings Time
Lobbying for DST started in earnest about 100 years ago. (Only 80 years after time was standardized--before trains, it didn't really matter that the time was different in different towns.) It if hadn't been for the need to save energy during WWI, it never would have been instituted--the forces against change refused to accept how much money would be saved (turns out it is millions and millions of dollars a year, probably billions by now) and were against it in general principle.

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