Sunday, October 15, 2006


Worst choice for a tree house

I don't know the name of this tree, in either English or Spanish, but it has an impressive protection system. Inch-long spikes protrude from the trunk and completely cover the branches. It's a common tree in Montevideo parks and along streets. It looks like something from the Spanish inquisition.

update: Thanks to the comments I now know two names for this tree, palo borracho and floss silk tree, and learned more about it from this article in the LA Times

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ouch! BAK
The name of the tree is "palo borracho" or "drunk stick". The name originates on the shape of the tree that sometimes resembles a bottle.
It has beautiful huge pink flowers and the fruit eventually opens releasing a very soft material that looks like cotton.
Hi, Chuck,

There is an article in the Los Angeles Times featuring this tree. It's called a "floss silk" tree, Chorisia speciosa and how it thrives in some parts of Southern California.

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