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I'd read about candombe music in Uruguay and I'd heard a little at the Fiesta de la X but I hadn't seen it in its natural environment-- on the streets of Montevideo. Candombe season seems to be starting now and I've seen, or at least glimpsed, several troupes in various places.

This group was playing outside a parrilla about a week ago and the waitresses had joined in the dancing. See a video clip.

I also saw an informal group of drummers playing at midnight on New Year's Eve while their neighbors launched fireworks. See a short video of them.

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came across ur blog thru google...u ve posted lots of useful infos and links abt uruguay...'m looking for some video clips of New Year celebrations in Mercado del Puerto. could you pls send me some links if you have any?
my email : appandai@gmail.com
Thanks! Always interesting to see video clips of candombe.

You can see candombe parades in the Barrio Sur and Palermo neighborhoods, usually on Calle Isla de Flores. In the winter they usually occurred Saturdays from 8pm to 9pm (and sometimes other nights as well); I don't know yet what the pattern is for summer. I live one block from Isla de Flores, so I should be able to tell you more in a few weeks...!

-- Shirley
Loco te felisito esta de mas muy bueno me gustaria contactarme con vos, tenes muchos videos por lo que veo estas en E.E.U.U. yo tambien si podes escribime a candombe@comcast.net
mi nombre es Arturo .
Te felicito otra ves mas muy bueno
PD: si podes pone mas tiempo lo del candombe jajajaja
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