Monday, August 28, 2006


La Parrilla

I'd been somewhat mystified by the grills used in Uruguay; they're quite different than my Weber at home. The food has been consistently delicious but the process was a bit confusing.

It turns out to be quite simple, as Tito demonstrated for me on his parrilla this weekend. As the logs burn, (in the firebox on the left) coals drop onto the brick floor of the parrilla. Tito then uses a poker to spread the coals under the grate holding the food. Fewer coals (on the right side of the grill) keep the temperature lower for slow cooking. Closer to the fire, it's hotter. The grate can also be angled upward for more temperature control. New logs in the firebox replenish the supply of hot coals, so extended cooking is straightforward. Potatoes go on top of the grill wrapped in foil and sweet potatoes go directly into the coals under the fire. Everything tastes great.

No longer a mystery, but an art.

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Great summary. I stayed in Montevideo (apartment in Pocitos) for almost 2 years and this article brought back fun memories
Do you know "the other" "parrilla" ??? just whisky and COCAINE.
It's great you have good memories about your stay in Montevideo.
Came back soon.
Alejandro (just an uruguayan guy)
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