Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Feria de Tristan Narvaja

Sunday, we went to the Feria de Trisan Narvaja. It´s a big street market centered on a street named Tristan Narvaja. The streets are closed to traffic and filled with stalls and customers. It´s a mix of farmers´ market and flea market-- vegetables, new clothes, homemade pasta, old books, antiques, car parts, computer parts, used CDs, pets, and lots of other stuff. Some is good quality, other stuff looks like junk. There are hundreds of vendors and crowds of shoppers for block after block after block.

My daughter found a bean bag chair that she wanted. A vendor had a whole stack of new ones-- all empty. The price seemed good, so we bought it and also received the address where we could buy the filling: 3 kilos of chopped foam and one kilo of foam pellets. Tito took me to that store on Monday; 4 kilos of foam turns out to be 4 big bags. We stuffed the chair that night; it was quite a project. The beanbag chair is almost as big as she is. I think we have most of the escaped pieces of foam cleaned up, after 2 days.

Our only other purchase was 10 pesos (about 40 cents) of spices: two little bags of cumin and paprika. Susan has been looking, without success, for cilantro to cook black beans. We may need to grow our own on the terrace.

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Pueden encontrar con seguridad cilantro en Devoto y en Tienda Inglesa, en cajitas de cartón verdes y amarillo claro, marca "Campo Claro". ¡Suerte!
Just in case you are still interested, I wish to tell you that last Friday (October 6th), I saw some fresh cilantro bunches at sale at the last (or first) stall of the Friday Pocitos market, in Chucarro street at the corner of Gabriel Pereyra (on the Southern sidewalk).

Surprised to see the old Pocitos picture and sequence of links posted a few days ago.

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Just a tinny error: is Tristan NarvajA, with an A.

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