Saturday, September 30, 2006


FĂștbol femenino

Soccer is a huge sport in Uruguay, but not for girls. Field hockey is far more typical. My daughter was very disappointed when she heard that. In Kalamazoo, soccer is very big for both girls and boys. Most of my daughter's friends play on a team.

Luckily for us, girls and women have started playing soccer in Uruguay. My daughter started practicing with a team associated with Club Nacional, one of the major teams in Montevideo. She can't compete until she gets an official medical card. Her team has a very good coach and the girls have excellent ball-handling skills. They're fast, too. We watched them shut out their opponents 9-0 last Sunday.

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A belated Welcome to Uruguay. This is another great blog. I have taken the liberty of putting a link on our listing of Enlgish Web sites and blogs about Uruguay.

Our main blog site is and our information site is We have a community bulletin board that has just started at I hope to meet you online or in person.

The Southron
David Finzer
Great to meet the three of you today!! I hope everything goes well with getting a med card for M so she can out on that field. Hope to see you all again next Sunday,
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