Tuesday, September 26, 2006


La grasera

The grasera is a kind of grease trap. It's under a panel beneath the kitchen sink. Today was its monthly cleaning. A worker from a sanitaria service, arrived with his equipment and went right to work. Apparently the grasera catches any grease that goes down the drain with the dishwater and keeps it out of the pipes. I don't know why it's needed. I don't think these are used in US plumbing; I never had anyone come to an apartment to clean a grease trap. Anyway, it only took a few minutes.

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That is strange, things keep getting curiouser and curiouser, just how far down the rabbit hole will you go? That's what I love about exploring other cultures (my undergrad major was cultural anthropology). What's seen as necessary and a given to some, is totally unheard of to others. Of Course it's probably a better idea than the semi-annual quart of Liquid Plummer that we used in the states. Do they recycle it into Bio-Diesel? Nice looking Kitchen sink and floor. How's the apartment working out?
I don't know what happens to the grease after it leaves. Soap, maybe? Given the sophisticated look of the collection device, I'd guess they do something with the grease.

The apartment is great. We found a huge variation in quality, even within the same price range. The kitchen and the view sold us on this one.
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