Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Las hormigas son nuestros amigos

Well, ants aren't really our friends, but I like the sound of hormiga and amigo together. We have the tiniest little ants in our apartment. Not many, but a few in the upstairs bathroom and now some in the kitchen. They are way smaller than a sesame seed, maybe about half the size of a poppy seed. I think I ate some on a croissant without realizing it.

The photo shows an ant on the rim of a coffee mug. Without magnification, they are just moving black dots. I'm trying to convince my wife that the ants are our pets. She doesn't agree. We asked about ant traps at a local hardware store but they only carried poison granules and they didn't recommend using it near toothbrushes or food. For now, we're storing our croissants in plastic containers.

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I really must say; Your photos are amazing, the composition and clarity of every shot you post is exceptional. You have a great eye. What camera are you using, are these your pics? or is your wife the artist?
Thanks, Ken. I enjoy photography. I have two cameras here, a very compact Canon SD 400 that I can carry in my shirt pocket and a much bigger Canon Digital Rebel SLR. I have a few different lenses for the Rebel. The ant picture was taken using a 75-300 zoom, with a close-up lens attached. Even then I cropped the image because these ants are so small!

Most of the shots from around town are taken on the little digital camera, since I have it with me more frequently.

What I really like about digital is I can shoot several frames of something that seems interesting, without cost, and then discard any that I don't like. Being able to crop the photos and adjust brightness really helps the final image.
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