Saturday, September 09, 2006



Milk packaging in Uruguay is very different from what we're used to in the U.S. Instead of bottles or cartons, milk comes in a plastic baggie. This works fine in the store, but once the bag is opened, you need a different system. So, you need to buy a little pitcher that holds the bag and allows you to store it in the fridge and lets you pour it. The system works well, once you have both components.

Sizes are smaller too. Instead of the gallon we'd typically buy in Michigan, the bag holds a liter.

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And we just got used to buying our milk in aeseptic liter boxes in Santo Domingo. Is that a piece of Baklava sitting on top in your box of pastry? now that's one of the things we really miss, since leaving NY. Keep the info coming. It's all good news. Feels like we're there already. Put up the "Vende" sign on the apartment this week.
Sterilized milk is also available in shelf-stable boxes, here. We prefer the fresh milk.

I haven't seen baklava yet. Those are apple pastries in the photo. (They were my favorite.)
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