Thursday, October 26, 2006


Benefits of immigration

A substantial number of people in Montevideo are of Italian descent. This has decided culinary benefits: fresh mozzarella, with basil and tomatoes from the farmers' market.

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Ah yes, the benefits of the immigration of food! Here it seems most products are "hecho en Uruguay" however in California, it brings up an interesting "dilema" to eat as locally as possible, or enjoy the fruits of imported olive oils, cheeses, wines, and canned goods. (check out are going to wish you were in Turin.) Like anything else, I believe there is a balance. I would be interested to know the economic perspective.
The economics profession, generally, would classify this as a matter of taste. Some people will prefer fresh produce from local farms, others will prefer French wines, and others will prefer Twinkies and Big Macs. The prescription: allow a wide variety of choices for consumers.

I enjoy homegrown vegetables and micro-brewed beer, but I wouldn't stop consuming bananas or Guinness because they aren't locally produced.
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