Friday, October 20, 2006



At the beach, it's 60 degrees, with a stiff breeze: a good season for kites. We bought a stunt kite-- controlled by two lines-- at Tienda Inglesa. Single line kites are much easier to fly, but we had fun with this one, despite our lack of expertise.

See the video:

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Kite flying looks fun! Hope maybe one day we can join you on the playa.
Thanks for your posts, we brought a beatiful kite with us to the DR but it's much too nice to fly here, amongst the small round homemade paper kites, we went to the mirador with it and everytime it got snagged on a tree or went down, a dozen local kids would be chasing it, grabbing it and asking for something before giving it back as if they were providing us with some kind of service. Can't wait to join you and yours for a picnic at the beach, flying kites and saying hello.

My wife was really pleased to see the fried dough, here they're "Johnny Cay Cay" (Johny Cakes), and they are really good.
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