Thursday, November 02, 2006


Blog silence

For my regular readers: I'm off to Punta del Diablo for an extended weekend. I've heard it's wonderful-- undeveloped, remote, & natural. I assume that means no Internet cafes, so I won't be blogging for a few days. Check back next Tuesday for more...

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take lots of pictures! your fotos are wonderful!
I can assure that Rocha is the most beautiful department of Uruguay. The beaches are gorgeous. Punta del Diablo has the better ones.
Is my first option in summer.
Try to visit Valizas, Parque Santa Teresa or Aguas Dulces. They are very close "balnearios".

I'm afraid now you can find some cyber cafe. Some years ago Punta del Diablo hadn't even electric light. But now... Well, is spring. Is still peacefull.

I'm jealous on you, one of my favourite places in UY, i stay for more than 4 weeks in 2001 in Punto del Diablo and have great memories over there. So enjoy over there.
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