Friday, November 24, 2006


Shopping Season

Today is the traditional start of holiday shopping in the US. A Chicago Tribune story estimates 137 million Americans will go shopping this weekend. Some dissenters promote "Buy Nothing Day" and even "Buy Nothing Christmas". I don't think today is a big shopping day in Montevideo, since Thanksgiving isn't normally celebrated in Uruguay. (We had a true Thanksgiving feast, complete with turkey, thanks to the Southron.)

Christmas items appeared in the local stores around Halloween and the big retailers have elaborate displays. If it weren't for the hot weather, it'd feel like Christmas. I know this shows my northern upbringing, but the weather makes me feel like it's almost the Fourth of July. I've heard the fireworks on Christmas are outstanding, so perhaps I'm not that far off base.

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Ironically this is a special shopping weekend in Montevideo. The three major shopping malls are offering 23% off all merchandise in every store this Sat and Sun. El Torero thinks they are raising all the prices first and then offering 23% off. =)
Anyway you look at it, you know where I will be tomorrow morning!
Just for the record...I did go shopping in the evening! But alas, no luck did I have!
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