Thursday, January 25, 2007


Carnaval in Montevideo

Uruguay's Carnaval isn't as famous as Brazil's, but it lasts longer. I've read that carnival celebrations in Montevideo are the longest anywhere in the world. Tonight is the opening parade.
"Montevideo has two major carnival parades. One goes down 18 De Julio Street, the main strip that goes through the old city and the downtown area, and is more of a corporate and family event. The street is wider so you feel like you have a ton of space to walk around. You get more of the larger carnival processions, the dancers and the flag carrieres, the larger groups that come out to that with men on stilts, or a band performing on a large truck. Families come out with kids and everyone is out all night drinking beer in the streets."
Rachel Terp, in a conversation with Open Source, 2/16/06
see this blog post for more descriptions and pictures of Carnaval 2006

More information on Montevideo's carnaval:

The city of Montevideo Carnaval page and complete information in an 80 page pdf

A calendar of events from Vecinet.

And, a portal on murgas.

We're planning to watch tonight's parade... details to come.


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