Thursday, January 25, 2007


Spanish vocabulary

My daughter and I have a new blog, Palabras y Fotos, for learning Spanish. We're making a picture dictionary, of sorts. Right now it has a few Spanish words illustrated with photos. We've put links for studying Spanish on the sidebar.

your blog is always interesting and often the flirtation with economics...often wish there were more of such insight about this small country neighbored by giants... BUT the Spanish vocabulary with fotos! ... I could not repress the smiles! lovely. Lovely!!!
Come zanahorias para verte mejor....Se vende huevos....Los perros cruzen la calle...!!! it is beautiful!!
a tip: me gustan las empanadas

La Chacha Empanadas on Marti 3379 a couple blocks from the playa Pocitos...the street that starts with the pine tree...

Best empanadas in the horno --$18 pesos -- less than a dollar!

Delivery - 706 8505
This is not an advertisement... we are blog readers who thought of you when we tried these empanadas while on vacation over christmas... you had mentioned something about fried empanadas... you haven't tried these!
We tried empanadas at La Chacha for lunch yesterday and I agree that they are very good. Thanks for the tip!
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