Friday, February 09, 2007


Teatro de Verano

Last night we went to the Teatro de Verano on the Rambla near Parque Rodo. It's an open-air theater seating several thousand people.

The show was much like the ones I'd seen at the tablados, with two murgas--TodavĂ­a no se sabe and Agarrate Catalina-- and parodistas-- Antifaces. Agarrate Catalina won the murga competition twice-- in 2005 and in 2006-- and they were a crowd favorite.

During the breaks between shows, people lined up to buy beer, medio y medio, or snacks. I liked seeing the performers in full regalia mingling with the fans.

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I forgot what medio y medio meant... is it half beer and half wine?
No doubt the "Teatro de Verano" is a great place to appreciate Carnaval. They all put on their best performance wishing to win first price.
Good work Chuck!!
from your ossie-uruguayan friend
medio y medio is a mix of wine and sparkling wine. Roldo's sells it at the Mercado del Puerto and also bottles it.
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