Thursday, March 29, 2007


Barrio Carrasco

The Carrasco neighborhood is the most suburban of Montevideo's barrios, full of single-family homes with yards on tree-lined streets. Across the Rambla from its nice long beach is the once-grand Hotel Casino Carrasco. It looks like only the casino functions now. The building is surrounded by construction fencing, but I've never noticed any significant work being done. Behind the old hotel, Avenida Arocena wouldn't be out of place in Chicago's north shore suburbs with a big Blockbuster store and a bigger McDonald's and a tastefully-designed gas station leading to the plush lawn tennis club. All it's missing is a Starbucks. (There are several local cafes as substitutes.)

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That hotel has been under construction for the last 6 a minimum.
What would the monthly rental cost, in USD, be for a home in that neighborhood?
We didn't look for housing in Carrasco, but I know someone who lives there and he says there are unfurnished houses in the $900 range.
Carrasco....that is where I spent my best years... The best Ice Cream place in the world is on that street Arocena: LAS DELICIAS!!!
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