Friday, March 09, 2007


Bush visits Uruguay

As you've probably heard, President Bush is coming to Uruguay today. In preparation for his visit, the dumpster in front of our apartment building, along with all the dumpsters along the Rambla, moved. I found this group of them a couple of blocks away. Some people say it's to beautify the route by hiding the garbage and the people who make their living scavenging from the dumpsters, but the more common explanation is security: to prevent terrorists from hiding in the trash.

Montevideans are talking a lot about US security for this visit. Apparently 2500 military and security people appeared in the city earlier this week. The Uruguayans describe them as "big, tall, and fat." Lots of military hardware arrived in huge cargo planes. I'm told that US air power, for this temporary visit, outdoes the Uruguayan Air Force.

Bush isn't popular in Uruguay but there's not much anti-American sentiment here. (Of course, Bush is not popular in the US either.) His visit is an attempt to repair US relations with Latin America and to reduce the influence of Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez.


check out my article on bush visiting uruguay (in spanish)

Thanks for the contributions and insights provided by your blog. It's a terrific asset to have such a keen observer of culture and society willing to share those observations from an on-the-ground perspective.

I wanted to reenforce the point you make that while President Bush may not be popular, that does not translate into a general anti-American sentiment. No less a light than Noam Chomsky made the important distinction between "anti-American" and "anti-American government policy" sentiments in a comment to an earlier post on my Going Global blog. It's a distinction worth keeping in mind when we Americans travel abroad.

Thanks again,
Craig Maginness
ExIn Global Strategies
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