Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Carnaval 2007 ends

The final performances of Carnaval were on Monday night. Yesterday was la noche de fallos when they determine the winners and losers. There was live TV coverage on two channels last night. It took hours to calculate all the points-- running into the early morning hours.

The winners were:
Murgas:Asaltantes con Patente
Parodistas: Jacquet's
Humoristas: Sociedad AnĂ³nima
Revistas: Carambola
Negros y Lubolos: Yambo Kenia

I'd seen each of these groups at various tablados Here's a video of the first prize groups:

I'd already posted videos featuring Asaltantes con Patente
and Yambo Kenia. And one or more winning group appears in each of these videos: March 2 tablado, Tablado Tres Cruces, Carnaval Defensor Sporting and Tablado Defensor Sporting

More info? The official guide to Carnaval is a 75 page pdf file (in Spanish).

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