Monday, March 19, 2007



Dengue fever has reached Uruguay. So far, there's only been an isolated case, or so. Brazil and Paraguay are experiencing epidemics, with thousands of cases reported.

The device in the picture is a small heater that holds a wafer of insecticide and plugs into an ordinary wall socket. We went to the Tienda Inglesa after we read the news and found a small crowd purchasing various anti-mosquito chemicals. The warnings on the insecticide box make me wonder which is worse-- the small risk of getting dengue or the small health risk from being exposed to the insecticide.


word is one dengue case was found in salto. The army is fighting mosquitos right now.

btw I really like your posts and the way you picture day to day life in uy, it's a shame it's only a one year thing. keep it up!

from reading you seems you feel at home here, is that so?
Thanks Gabo. I do feel very comfortable here-- the Uruguayan people have been very welcoming
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