Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Not just parrilla

A few nights ago we went downtown with friends and had food that was decidedly different for Montevideo: Korean. The restaurant was just off Plaza Independencia and has a small main dining room in front and smaller private dining rooms in back. The menu was all Korean; I don't think there's a Spanish menu, but they did have one with English descriptions alongside the Korean names, so we ordered using a mix of Spanish, English, and Korean.

The food was good. The kim-chee was probably the spiciest food I'd eaten since coming to Uruguay. My favorite dish was the fried dumplings. Pictured here is the carne with vegetables in spicy sauce.

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What was the name of the restaurant? I was familiar with one that used to be by the Victoria Radisson but it closed down months ago, or so I thought.
Where is this one?
This is probably the same place. It's behind the Radisson. I didn't catch the name-- the handmade paper sign on the door used Korean characters.
I went again for lunch today (fried dumplings). The address is Ciudadela 1389.
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