Monday, March 12, 2007


Public Art

A couple weeks ago, workers were installing some kind of frames on the sidewalk along Pocitos beach. They turned out to be for an art exhibit of huge photographs taken by French photographer Frances Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The exhibit runs for six blocks along the Rambla and will be there for two months. It's been quite popular-- even crowded at times.

All the photos are shot from the air, usually from a helicopter. The exhibit is called "La Tierra Vista Desde El Cielo" [The earth seen from the sky]. There are pictures from all over the world, with a special section, running a block or so, of Uruguay photos.

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I've enjoyed the great visuals on your site for a while now. Loved the movies of carnival!

Stop by our site, Coastal Uruguay, if you can:

Oh, forgot to put in the correct url in the above message

Steve Bowman
Similar pictures from Uruguay from the sky, are here in Enrique's blog.
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