Monday, March 05, 2007


Tablado otra vez

The weather didn't look promising Saturday and it was too cloudy to see the lunar eclipse, but I returned to Defensor Sporting Club hoping the rain would hold off long enough to see a few groups at the tablado. It did sprinkle a bit but the show went on.

I left around 1 am, after the fourth group, trying to make an early night of it. I got to my car just as it started to rain hard. I turned the key only to discover I had forgotten to turn off the headlights when I parked and the battery was dead.

I walked to a nearby gas station but they couldn't help, so I walked home in the rain, woke up my wife and she called an auxilio. Then I caught a cab back to Defensor Sporting and waited for the tow truck. The driver was friendly and helpful and my car started easily. 250 pesos seemed like a good deal.

The tablado featured La Margarita, Bafo y sus Mulatas, Sociedad Anonima, and Falta y Resto. Here's a short video:

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what a great "murga" Falta i Resto". I thought that "retirada" is sensationa.Their movement and voices
are special.No wonder they have always had a special spot in Uruguayans heart. Their lirics, specially during the dark years of dictatorships helped them cement
a very much love affair with the audience.
Thanks again Chuck for giving me the opportiunity of following Carnaval through your blog.
Your Ossie-uruguayan mate!
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