Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Buseca is a type of cazuela de mondongo, or tripe soup. I don't think I've ever eaten stomach in the US, but I have had it in Ecuador and Mexico. Saturday, was the first time I'd eaten it here.

Organ meats are very common in Uruguay; I was told they eat everything but the mugido. (Mugido is Spanish for "moo".)

I liked the buseca and I'd recommend it. For adventursome eaters you could try this recipe.

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you are making me so home sick is not funny. mondongo, a good wine,a chat with friends and a bit of a siesta .
I can see leaves falling announcing the comming of winter.
Have you tried "mate" yet?
good work chuck!
your ossie-uruguayan friend
I was in Poland some years ago and I remember there was an importation of mondongo from Uruguay!
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