Sunday, April 15, 2007


La Mano

La Mano is the symbol of Punta del Este. It's by Chilean sculptor Mario Irrarazabal (according to the plaque at the site, although a Google search suggests his name is spelled Irarrazabal). It's one of the most popular pieces of art that I've seen-- people are always climbing the thumb or having their photograph taken by the fingers. It also attracts graffiti. Eight years ago the fingers proclaimed "Vegetarian Resistance" and "Carne es Crimen" ["meat is crime"]--definitely out-of-step with Uruguayan society.

Punta del Este was pretty quiet this weekend, which is typical of its season.

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My daughters and their friends took some photos of La Mano this summer. These friends had never been to Uruguay before but had seen pictures of this Hand in their Social Studies class.
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