Friday, April 06, 2007


Parque Salus

Salus is the dominant brand of mineral water in Uruguay. The source is a spring in the hills outside of Minas, about 130 kilometers from Montevideo. The company has created a park around the source with gardens, nature trails, and a nice playground. Admission is free. We enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours there yesterday afternoon.

At the spring, they have a puma statue spouting water to feed a little pool. Plastic cups are provided for the visitors to drink from the lion's mouth. The plant itself is just across a courtyard with the bottling equipment visible through big glass windows.

The Patricia brewery is also on the grounds of the park.

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tihrty years ago Coca Cola tried to buy the company. They saw even back then competitive nature of mineral water. I believe Salus is still in the hands of uruguayans
I wish!!! but now SALUS belong to a french compny
if i'm not wrong, have now, frenchs owners.
By Mario

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