Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Pocitos beach

Pocitos beach is no longer packed like it was in summer . The soccer stadium is gone, as are the volleyball nets and port-a-potties and the beach cleaning seems much less frequent. I'm sure there will be more nice days full of sunbathers but today the beach had a real off-season feel.

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have you checked the"Club Banco Republica" It seems you are not too far away. I used to swim there three times a week,specialy during winter months.
As an American you might be fond of Basketball. You should check "Club Bohemios" on Pereira road. They have a nice set up there.
Your Pocitos picture definetelly tells me winter is comming brrrrrrrrrrr!
I live in the states and every now and again I check the video cam of Conrado Hughes to see how things are on Pocitos Beach...
yup, winter temperatures are here :(
I also live in the States and but happened to take a walk with my good friend on the Pocitos beach last December. It was so beautiful!
Gee, Chuck, it looks just like Michigan right now. The snow storms we had the past couple weeks seem to be done, and the snow's almost all gone. Ninah
I've just come across a wonderful photograph of old Pocitos, at:

I think you will all like it, as well as the whole set there.

Thank you very much for your so fine and punctual blog entries.
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