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Truco is a popular card game in Uruguay. I've watched people play it many times and I've had the rules explained to me, but I still don't understand it. I like the funky drawings on the cards.

I'm told that if you don't drink mate and play truco you're not a true Urguayan.

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Hi Chuck,
Would you post the rules of playing truco?
You might try this page--
that's argentinas truco.. is a simplified version of the uruguayan "true" Truco Truco is really nice... after you have learned to play ;-)

Chuck, congratulations for your blog.. you made me discover same aspects of my own country that i didn't know/remember :P
"Truco" as the name implies means to deceive. When two pairs play against each other it becomes a game of deceit and tactics. Its a fantastic game where people are constantly talking to create the impression on your opponents that you have the right combination in your hand. The game is open to comedy. The players must"act" or "pretend" their hand is always stronger than it actually is.
I remember once playing truco here in Australia and across the room there were some Australian girls watching us play. At the beginning of each hand you must let your partner know your hand.This is done with certain facial expressions . One of them is a kiss which represents a certain card. The girls across the room thought we were on to them. Quite funny trying to explain the game to the Ossie girls.hekfs
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