Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Día de los Trabajadores

Uruguay, like most of the rest of the world, celebrates Labor Day on the First of May.

In Montevideo, nearly everything is closed today-- shopping malls, grocery stores, bakeries, offices, and schools. Even the bus service is cancelled, which means most people celebrate the holiday in their own neighborhood.

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Uruguay was the second nation on earth to adopt the eight hour day in the world after New Zealand. May day has always been a celebration of this achievements. Now more than ever there is reason to celebrate. "Frente Amplio" is in power after 170 years of corrupt traditional right wing parties. The working class in Uruguay is alive and well having maintained their class struggle to fight for a better Uruguay.
The PIT-CNT has waged a glorious struggle to improve working conditions in Uruguay. During the Dictatorship their leaders were jailed and murdered.
The Uruguayan working class and their struggle is example to the rest of the world.
LOng live may day!!
By the way not everybody stayed at home. Thousands went to the march!
"The working class in Uruguay is alive and well"?????
The day that actually happens is the day you'll see me come back
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