Thursday, May 03, 2007


Eucalyptus in Bloom

Eucalyptus is native to Australia but it has been widely introduced in Uruguay transforming the countryside. Uruguay has become a wood exporter (see, for example, this pdf) due to its numerous eucalyptus plantations and they will provide raw material for the pulp processing plant being built by Botnia. (The plant has been the target of Argentine protests that have blockaded the border for months.)

Eucalyptus is also a common tree in Montevideo. The photo is from Parque Rodó. I think the flowers are really interesting.

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You are right . Eucalyptus tree is native to Australia. I live surrounded by them. Here in the "land down under"you find them everywhere. My house is in the middle of an eucalyptus plantation and during summer the danger of bushfires is very real.
I was in the middle of a bushfire some years ago and the oil which you find on eucalyptus trees makes them "explode". Terrifying stuff.
Good work ,Chuck
your ossie-uruguayan friend
problem with Eucalyptus in an urban environment is they have running roots, that go far from their base, and destroy foundations, streets, and sidewalks. also, the Eucalyptus makes it difficult for other vegatation to grow, which can become problematic in rural/ag. areas.

as trees go, it's probably the worst tree to be farming from a macro environment viewpoint in the long run.

short-run, they grow like weeds, so "cheap" in a sense.
I don't think they are problematic if they are well controled, as everything in this world. Check here and here about the forestation plans in Uruguay.
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