Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Montevideo overview

I've posted videos of a variety of events in Montevideo, but I haven't really shown the everyday city.
In today's video, I've tried to capture a bit of the ordinary life of Uruguay's capital: Centro, Cuidad Vieja, la Rambla, plazas, fútbol, etc. If you've visited Montevideo, you'll probably recognize some of these places.

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Excellent video. Thank you very much for this. Really.
Great job, Chuck! Now who sings that song? I know I have heard it before!!
Awesome dude! I would vote for it if there were a You Tube video award!
I enjoyed your video very much. Montevideo is a wonderful city with very nice people.

Please try to do more videos just like this one before you return to Michigan.

Yhank you.
Chuck,you have done a wonderful job in capturing life in Uruguay for the past year. I have enjoyed your blog very much . It has been a great educational "window" not just to those like me who left thirty years ago but to those sons and daughters of Uruguayans living abroad wanting to have a close look at life in "el paisito".
Your journey must be at the final stages. I am sure your family,especially your daughter will see this strip as a life changing experience.
Well done ,chuck
your Uruguayan-ossie friend
Oh, I LOVED this video. Thank you so much! If you ever make another video of Montevideo I would love to see the Rambla in Punta Gorda, where I spent my youth. I always want to show it to my friends.
Pah! me mataste! Tú extranjero en mi país y yo Uruguaya en el extranjero...Gracias.
Muy bueno! Buenísimo!

Congratulations, I've written about your blog in my blog.
The music for this video is "Oro y Plata" by La Chicana

awesome video....you even captured the "beagle walker!" for a second in the video (!)

i've had about 10 unsuccessful attempts to get him walking by due to being without camera, having it in off position, slow shutter speed, etc. :)

well done,
Really nice video, you did capture the soul of the montevideana life, I'm myself from Montevideo although currently living in Petoskey, MI.
Very Good job to present My Country in a diferent and interesant way ,Hope you continue enjoying your life there and when you return home remeber all the good moments you live there and return once more in the future.
An Uruguayan living in Japan proud to be Uruguayan,and happy to see that a foreigner apreciate My Country.like you and your family do.
I big salute !!!Gady and family.
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