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Alfajores are a very popular snack in Montevideo. Basically they are a layer of dulce de leche sandwiched between two cookies and then covered with either chocolate, merengue, or grated coconut. A friend swears by the bakery version but my daughter is perfectly happy with the packaged ones from the supermarket. Another friend's daughter thinks importing alfajores to the United States would be a great business opportunity.

Here's a recipe for alfajores.

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hi chuck! :)
just wondering if you have tried the "bon o bon" alfajores before? after being here for eight months, i just discovered them...mmm. it's the closest thing we'll get to peanut butter - they're coating in white chocolate instead of milk.

I have had those and they're good.

We've also bought a jar of Bon o Bon cream and used it to make peanut butter cookies.
There is nothing like the Milka ones, says my daughter. When people visit us in the USA, that is our #1 priority. The last person who visited brought us over 50 alfajores. My children's friends loved them also.
ohhoo man thats what i miss the most from my country, I was wondering if you tried Alfajores de las cierras de minas (Artesanales) yumm they r so good My husband (not Uruguayan) and went back to visit after 7 years and he agreed that those are the best alfajores in the whole world!!
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