Monday, July 16, 2007



My year in Uruguay is nearly over; tomorrow I fly back to the US. I'm going to miss the many friends I've made in Montevideo-- Uruguayans, ex-pats, and travelers. It's been a great time! Thank you all for being so hospitable.

Thanks also to my blog readers. I've enjoyed your emails and comments. I don't plan to end this blog yet since I still have photos and videos of Uruguay that I'd like to share. I'm going to travel for a couple of weeks before returning to Kalamazoo so my posts are likely to be sporadic for a while.

hasta luego.

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Bye Bye from an uruguayan anonimous reader of your blog. I hope you enjoyed your days in my country. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
You rock Chuck. We're going to miss you just as much--especially at GNO! Thankfully we can stay in touch so easily via the internet! But, I'm already looking forward to the next time we meet again in person!
Great job with the blog. We read every single entry from Japan. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Uruguay. Have a great trip home and all the best for you and your family in the future.
Thanks for serving as an inspiration to many of us.

I am sad to see you go, but all good things must come to an end some time.

I hope you leave the blog up for a long time, even after the posts stop.

You've produced a wealth of valuable information that will be useful to travelers and expats for years to come.

Have a safe trip back home.

I knew this day was coming, yet I'm sad. Your blog has been wonderful, and gave this armchair dreamer of Uruguay so much useful information, and so much entertainment.
Personally, I hope you have several thousand gigs of photos and video to share with us, and that this site will continue for a long time.
lol im really gonna miss ur blog, im uruguayan and i was kinda addicted to read it lol
hope u have fun back to the US
Its been great to read the blog, but it will be nice to have you back in the US. Emma will finally get to meet her other uncle!
I´m also going to miss your blog. I was a regular reader from Brazil, and really I enjoyed the way you had it written: short entries about ordinaty events. I hope you keep on writing for a long time!
Este es realmente un excelente blog para intentar explicar como es Uruguay a personas que no lo conocen y no hablan español.

Realmente felicitaciones para ti por este excelente trabajo!

Best regrads for you and you family!
I have been enjoying your blog for many months. Your comments on so many details related to our "paisito" were often topic for conversation during dinner in our new home in Mississippi. You managed to put together one of the best descritions of Uruguay I have come across in a long time.
Thank you!
chuck, it's been my pleasure reading you! Thank you! I'm really glad Uruguay treated you well.

The best of lucks!.
Hey Chuck -

I'd only discovered your blog a few weeks ago, but I've been able to piece together that you've had a great time. What an experience! I imagine this documentation will be invaluable as you recount your immersion in Uruguay. Bravo and welcome back!
I, too, discovered your blog several weeks ago and am enjoying reading through your Uruguayan adventure!

I'm only 25, but I have hopes of spending time abroad in a similar fashion.

Good luck with your future plans!
Rest in peace, we will miss you.
Hi!!!!!! u know? i love your blog!! it's soooooooo coooool!!!!! and that's because i'm far away of my country.. i'm going to come back in may! but i miss my country so much! and u make me remember all my great and beautiful things there!!! thanks a lot! and its so great for me! that u like my country so much!! and i think.. like me.. right??
Take care!
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