Sunday, July 01, 2007


Universidad de Montevideo

The Universidad de Montevideo is a highly-respected private university located on a quiet street in the Parque Batlle neighborhood. It's been my wife's academic home in Uruguay and she's been very happy there. Like the other private universities in Uruguay it's relatively new, since for decades only the Universidad de la Republica could grant degrees.

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It is a university for the super rich. Too exclusive and elitist. What else are you to expect from a University belonging to the Opus Dei?
Word is they have the best MBA in the country.
They may have the best MBA in Uruguay according to whom or based upon what standard? Regardless of that they teach (promote) principals of free economy and conservative politics. Preach dogma and condemn any kind of free kinds of expression, namely sexual education. The norm is chastity or heterosexuality, otherwise you're very outta the selective club. It is the same as those countries getting together, forming selective blocs (somewhat boycotting actual freedom) and likely thinking inwards. If their MBA program aims at those limiting values I'd rather stay away. I pay for quality and to better skills, but I see no possibility for that, just BS and lots of good advertisement. I'd only be considering the MBA of ORT, or even the one offered by UDELAR. Having to pay for the MBA in Uruguay, I'd struggle to get the best education, not religious doctrine. Those are part of those skills the market do not care/ look for. The market promotes skills being useful to put in practice, not liturgy.
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