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Last January, during the South American summer, a friend made canoas for us on his parrilla in Marindia. Yesterday, I made them in Kalamazoo on a Weber grill during our North American summer. They're very simple, morrones [red bell peppers] filled with provolone cheese cooked on the grill until the pepper is soft and the cheese is melted. They're delicious.

Garnished with onions, green olives, tomatoes, and basil they become provolone de la casa as served at La Otra.

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Awesome! It's like your still here! You should have been at Aaron's last night...Suki and Andres came and played asador! I finally tried some riƱon (kidney), choto (intestines wrapped in intestines) and of course, molleja(sweet glands), my favorite of the exotic organs! We had some morrones and provolone, but between being gorged on organs--and steak!--and the women grabbing all the vegies and cheese, I mostly missed out! Keep the posts coming--just like this--sweet and simple!
Looks delicious!
Ooooh, I have to try that! Looks like there's some seasoning sprinkled over the cheese....oregano perhaps?
Hey Chuck! ET and I made about a half a dozen of these for our "Welcome Back BBQ" They were a big hit. Hot melting can you go wrong?
hi chuck! your ossie friend here. There is another way of cooking peppers on the "barbie". A friend of mine puts them straight on the charcoal,rotates them as they cook and once they are charcoaled black,takes them out, peeles them and puts them in a bag with olive oil. Letthem sit there for a while .The oil marinates and makes them tender.
We tend to use the "roasted marinated peppers" in our home made pizzas as topping. Very nice!!!!!
your ossie-uruguayan friend

Well, Chuck, that looks and sounds great, I had never heard of them, and am always in favor of new cheese delivery systems :-)

I'm sorry that we didn't get to meet when you were in Uruguay, but I'm sure you will return some day.
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