Sunday, August 26, 2007


Uruguay from a distance

It's been good seeing friends and colleagues in Kalamazoo but I think I'm still experiencing a bit of reverse culture shock. Yesterday at a party, I went around the patio greeting everyone and shaking hands. I wasn't giving besitos so I felt like I'd adapted to American norms. Only afterwards did I realize that even shaking hands with everyone is odd behavior in the U.S. -- a wave and a general "hi" would have been customary. I miss my friends and social life in Uruguay.

Here are a couple of new blogs by ex-pats living in Montevideo that I'm reading:

The Seven C's is written by my friend Emily about life in Montevideo with her family of 7.

Living in Montevideo is by an American who just moved to Montevideo from the Dominican Republic with his family. Ken and I have corresponded over the Internet for about a year but we haven't had a chance to meet in person.

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We miss you guys too. Reading your blog and envisioning the melancholy of returning to the States is giving me a shiver. Hope your re-adjustment goes smoothly! Say hi to Susan and Maria.
Yeah, we miss your social life too! Guys night out just isn't the...well just isn't anymore! Hehe. But, we're finding creative ways to substitute for our re-patrioted pals. But we miss you and your family Chuck. But, hey, bury your head in NCAA football, get some good grad students doing all your work for ya, keep emailing and blogging...we'll all meet again for some asado someday! Besitos mi amigo!
Chuck, it's so nice to read you again talking about the little "paisito". Keep up the good work. Hope we have you around soon again for vacations..!!

best for you and your familiy.
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