Friday, October 19, 2007


Favorites: Pizza

While I've posted frequently on food in Uruguay, I've neglected some of our favorite places to eat. Pizzeria Trouville was the first restaurant we ate at in Montevideo. It's located in Pocitos on 21 de Setiembre at Francisco Vidal. The atmosphere is nothing special, particularly inside under the harsh florescent lights, but the pizza is great and the servers are friendly and prices are very reasonable. I'd usually order a pizzetta con panceta [bacon pizza] with a chopp of beer. My wife preferred her pizza with morrones [red bell peppers], which was good, too. My daughter often had a sandwich caliente[grilled cheese and ham] or a pancho[hot dog]. I think we ate there more often than at any other restaurant in Monetvideo.

Back in Michigan, the pizza isn't shockingly different but the prices can be. My wife who had become accustomed to paying about 80 cents for her glass of vino blanco was startled to see her white wine in Kalamazoo cost six dollars (which was more than her entire meal at Pizzeria Trouville.)

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Chuck, it was SEVEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!
I can see it now...literally! Although, the thickening green leaves are starting to block my view a bit...

Maybe you can see if you can find a place to get some Patricia in the states!

Keep the posts coming Chuck!
If you are looking for a pizza crust somewhat similar to Uruguay's you might try Tomatoes Apizza whenever you are in the Detroit area (I've been to their place in Middlebelt and 14 mile road...I think it is technically in Livonia). Just this past weeked I was thinking of the pizza in Uruguay since we went to a coal-oven fired pizza place in Weston, FL (Anthony's coal oven pizza) and my wife and I both noticed that the crust was similar to that of the pizza in Uruguay...those "hornos a leña" that they typically bake pizzas in really do the trick!).
And please, don't forget about the "faina" !!!! :)
AHh... I found your blog googling noquis. I lived in Uruguay/Argentina from 98-2000 and wow--I really miss it. But since I can't recreate the people or culture, I'll have to stick with the food. I've loved pouring through your posts. THANKS!!! I think I will add you to my google reader as long as that is acceptable. :)
No, Its not was the Seven Dollars! It may less than 7 Dollars by Dominos Voucher.
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