Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Gauchos in Kalamazoo?

Happy Halloween!


Nice Chuck! Jejejee...did Maria dress up as a Murga performer too?!?! Maybe Susan is one of the armored truck guards or a basura? jejee

So, Aaron's restarted thinking of ya, and having a chorizo and Patricia in your honor!

By the way, Patricia has put out a 'Red' beer...mmmmm, good!
I have followed your year in Uruguay and enjoyed very much reading about your impressions. I applaud your spirit and your willingness to immerse yourself in our culture. I think you have done just about everything to really capture the flavor of our country. Thanks!
Cuck, terriffic job! You became a native uruguayan. I am amazed seeing how well you picked some of our main cultural traits, from the asado to the machines del parque rodo. I can tell you enjoyed your life in Uruguay very much. It's not an exciting place to be, no natural wonders, just very relaxed, laid back, democratic and open society with a little touch of self-awareness and melancholic tendencies. Now, it has trapped you forever
Hola, soy Fernando... un uruguayo. Se siente muy bien que leer lo que personas de otros países piensan de este pequeño país que me encanta. Te encontré en YouTube cuando busqué "Montevideo".
Tendrías que haber explicado que los gauchos NO existen... con en alambramiento de los campos en el siglo 19 los gauchos desaparecieron. Ahora hay gente que pretende ser gaucho... pero... no lo son.
Seguiré leyéndote!


Hello, I am Fernando ... An Uruguayan. It feels very good to read what people from other countries think of this small country that I love. I saw you on YouTube when I searched "Montevideo."
You should have explained that the gauchos NOT exist ... Alambramiento with in the fields in the 19 century gauchos disappeared. Now there are people who pretend to be gaucho ... But ... Are not.
I will continue entering!

Sorry for the mistakes of grammar and syntax ...
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