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Last year, during carnaval season, one of my readers commented that I would miss it once I left Uruguay. That prediction was certainly accurate; I miss it all.

With nostalgia, I put together a video slideshow of photos from last year's carnaval.

See it here:

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Ironically, it--and us--and uruguay--miss you too chuck. Your blog is a piece of expat poetry that I and others always recommend to the newcomers. And, as someone else who has the 'exit date' looming in front of them, I'm already missing it myelf, and we're trying to soak up all we can before we leave...

Good news though bro. I had a front row--or should i said top deck--seat to the llamadas last weak and burned out the battery with photos and know where you'll find them...eventually! I swear I'm gonna catch up on my blog soon, i swear!

Great video bro--but you need to save some pics and send them in a bit at a time to keep the blog growing!
Chuck, is always great to read you writing about our small country. It a nice place to be in, but it is hard to stay here for many urugayans because of the current situation. Many people are still leaving the country to find work abroad.

Hope someday someone comes here and fixes what needs to be fixed. But our land is good, and hope everyone takes a good chunck of the spirit it on every opportunity they get to stay in Uruguay.

Of course, it takes more than a land being good to have a grat small country.
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