Monday, December 21, 2009


Parque Rodó

Here's a belated video from my last trip to Uruguay.

My earlier videos from the park are here and here. To me, the improvement in YouTube's definition is striking.

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hi, ive seen all your posts and i mean ALL from when you came to uruguay in 2006 to now. i discovered your blog yesterday and i couldnt finish reading and viewing all your posts, i discovered your blog at 10pm and i kept on reading it untill it was 4am jaja. it was really interesting! i loved it! wish you the best for navidad and fin de año.
there was only one post that wasnt correct, you messed up when talking about the Three Kings(they are really called Reyes Magos indeed) and something with santa clause and the presents given but that´s ok, its obvios that you wont know everything of uruguay being a fereinger. i mean you just had ONE post incorrect of about hundreads so that is the same as having them all correct.
im looking forward to reading you again bye.
just an FYI: they took the "montaña rusa" away. They sold it to some place in Mexico from what I read, and they are going to move the "tren fantasma" there instead.
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