Saturday, April 03, 2010


More Uruguay resources

Many of the Uruguay blogs I'd been reading have ended as expats moved from the country.

Recently, I've been following Ola Uruguay Real Estate-- not so much for the real estate propaganda, but for the posts on living in Uruguay by Suki and Syd.

Another informative website is Uruguay Now, an up-to-date guide to the country, with an emphasis on Montevideo.

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Well, I don't know if you know it, but I follow a blog called "You're moving where?" and their creators don't have plans of leaving the country... yet xD
Here's another resource:

Anthony Bourdain in Chiviteria Marcos!
Hi, my name is Marian Wellman-Horton and I have been reading your blog, I spent Jan.-May2010 and March 2009 in La Paloma UR with my daughter and son-in-law. They have been residents for 21/2 years. He is from Ann Arbor and was a Photographer for Car and Driver, and she worked for Ann Arbor Hospice. Now he just trades on the internet. I find myself homesick for so many things there. We spent a bit of time in Montevideo with friends, and I thought it was a lovely city with a touch of sadness still there. My daughter and her husband have purchased a plot in Marascala, and are planning to build next year, they also have a lot not far from the beach in La Paloma. Do you return to teach? What did you see as the disadvantages? The people were very kind to me, probably because I'm nearly 60.
Uruguayan official resources:

Information for turists (spanish)

Uruguayan sites in english:

Uruguayan official site:
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