Thursday, April 05, 2007



The horseback competition is the biggest attraction at the Semana Criolla. Riders compete in three categories a pelo [bareback], a basto [saddle] and a basto argentino [a mimimalist saddle]. The object is to stay on a wild horse for 12 seconds (or 10 seconds, if bareback) while the horse bucks and runs and tries to throw the rider. Jinetes [the riders] are judged on the quality of the ride-- my impression is the wilder the better. At times, the horse rolls on its back in an attempt to dismount the rider. More than half of the riders we saw were thrown before the time limit.

Jineteada was declared Uruguay's national sport in 2006.

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It's just a great blog Chuck. Every time I need an idea of something to do around here, I just flip through it to get some ideas!
Excellent photograph Chuck. You're genuinely talented in that respect.
Overall your pictures are much better than what appears in my undergrad college alumni magazine.

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