Saturday, March 01, 2008


Montevideo images

In something of a follow-up to my earlier Montevideo videos I made a video slideshow of photos from Montevideo. The focus is on places a visitor is most likely to see-- Mercado del Puerto, Plaza Independencia, Estadio Centenario, Feria Tristan Narvaja and other familiar landmarks.

You can see it here:

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Very well done, just like the other videos. Looks like you miss Montevideo. I would too!
It really seems like you had a great time in Montevideo... from all the blogs I´ve read about Montevideo, yours is the one which shows a great deal of affection towards the city. It is very nice to know that you had this wonderful experience to share!
Dear Chuck,
In Toronto, we had a 10cm dumping of on Wednesday and are expecting 10cm more tomorrow. I was wondering if you would be remembering your time in Uruguay.
We didn't make it to Uruguay this year and that makes your videos so much more wonderful to watch.
All the best, Enza
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