Saturday, November 25, 2006


Club de Pesca

I visited the Club de Pesca Punta Brava as a guest of my friend Tito. We didn't fish, but we ate very well. The club is one of three on Punta Brava, the southernmost point in Montevideo.

Tito cooked a wonderful lunch for about a dozen guys. He made matambre a la leche. It was made with the same meat as this matambre but it wasn't rolled with vegetables. For this dish, the meat was boiled until tender, then baked on a cookie sheet with milk and grated cheese. It was great.

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that looks delicious. Have you ever seen it on a menu?
I haven't seen it, but I didn't know to look for it. The mashed potatoes were great, too. The secret ingredients: nutmeg and grated cheese (queso semi-duro).
yeah, thats a more classical presentation of matambre.
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