Thursday, November 09, 2006


Parque Nacional Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa National Park is just a few kilometers north of Punta del Diablo. The fortress is its best known feature, but it also offers gorgeous beaches, big campgrounds, and rental cabins. There are rose gardens, historic artifacts, and a greenhouse for tropical plants. The fort dates back to colonial times and has been completely restored.

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Hi Chuck,

My name name is Max and I live on Long Island in NY. I was born in the States but my family is from Uruguay. My wife and I take our 2 kids almost every year and mostly stay in Atlantida (Canelones) but we always make a trip out to Punta del Diablo and the Fortaleza Santa Teresa. My dad has a house (in pretty bad shape, but fixable!) in Punta Del Diablo up on the top hill. I think you took your picture from right next to it! Thanks for giving us the chance to see the beautiful scenery and natural surroundings that that the place has.

What made you choose Uruguay as your destination?

Have Fun and enjoy the springtime!

Hi Max,

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm glad to share some of the beauty of Uruguay.

We're here for a sabbatical year. My wife has a Fulbright grant to research international remittances in Uruguay.

We're enjoying our time here.
FYI (sorry but i have to write in spanish):
Santa Teresa es uno de los parques que son propiedad de las Fuerzas Armadas. Son ellas quienes lo cuidan y tiene, dentro de sus límites, la Fortaleza de Santa Teresa: un fuerte utilizado en la época de la Colonia. Las casas o cabañas del camping son exclusivamente para el uso de los militares (que van con sus familias) pero se puede acampar perfectamente yendo con auto o caminando. Creo que cuesta aprox. unos 100 pesos por día la parcela, y no está abierto para el público todo el año (de diciembre a Turismo).

Es un excelente lugar para irse de vacaciones, y podés ir caminando por la playa hasta Punta del Diablo y volver a visitarla en verano :)

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