Thursday, December 14, 2006


Cosas artesanales

Artisan-made foods are popular in Montevideo: bread, pasta, cheese, ham, and even fish. I like supporting these small-scale producers and the quality of the products that I've tried has been very good.

Grant McCracken looks at this same trend in the US and identifies 10 reasons for the artisanal movement. Here's his first reason:
1. a preference for things that are human scale.
If once we delighted in the sheer scale of a consumer society, now we want things made in tiny batches. In the place of Morton Salt that comes from some vast industrial process, some of us prefer artisanal salt. Pam bought salt recently that came with a talkative, 4 color, brochure. Geez, I wondered, what is there to say about salt?. Plenty, apparently

I haven't seen artisanal salt in Uruguay, but I really like the breads.

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