Thursday, January 18, 2007


Music at the Primuseum

My brother, Steve Stull, and our friend María Noel Taranto met for an informal performance at the Primuseum in Monetvideo's Ciudad Vieja. María Noel is a Uruguayan jazz singer featured frequently here. Steve was trained as an opera singer and sings a wide variety of types of music. They sounded great together. Daniel Damiano Romanelli, of Montevideo's Memphis Jazz Band, was wonderful on piano. The Museo de Primus was an ideal location for the show.

Steve's CDs are available from Amazon (Opera Cowpokes and Pulse of an Irishman) or directly from him at the CRS Barn Studio.

You can watch a short video here:

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WOW. That sounds like it was an amazing duet. And what a unique venue. I would have bought tickets for that show....
For an Economist youre becoming very artistic in your videos!
Well done,lots of Wa same as the previous video.Next stop Hollywood?
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