Friday, February 23, 2007



Horseback riding in El Calafate may have been my daughter's favorite activity of our whole trip to Patagonia. We took the two-hour ride along Lago Argentino at the edge of town. It was an easy ride, with gentle horses who were accustomed to inexperienced riders.

El Calafate is a fast-growing town (from 7000 to 21,000 people in the last few years) and we rode past lots of construction sites, as well as through the open steppe. The outfitters may need to move further out of town if the growth continues. The lake is over 100 kilometers long, so there is still plenty of open space.

El Calafate is named after a spiny bush that is common in the area. A local legend says that if you taste the calafate berry, you will return to Patagonia. The berries are sweet, but full of seeds. I prefer the jam.

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I prefer the jam too! It tastes like a mix between a cherry and a blueberry.
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