Sunday, March 18, 2007


Carnaval, the real end

I was wrong about the end of carnival. Monday was the end of the official competition but several performances followed. Saturday was the final night of shows. I saw two groups, Curtidores de Hongos and Agarrate Catalina at the last tablado at the velodromo.

Here's a short video from the tablado:

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Congrats on your coverage of Uruguayan Carnaval Chuck. I'm the son of Uruguayan immigrants to Australia and have lived several years in Uruguay and even been in a few murgas myself. At the moment with a few mates we started one here in Sydney.

Looks like you really got into the murgas, which makes me extremely happy. I probably even saw you around el Velodromo a few times as i was there every night this past carnaval.

Anyways, I started reading your entire blog today from before you left the US and this is what im up to. I have been sitting here for about 3-4 hours. I must get to work now so ill finish it when i get back.


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