Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Power of the Press

My wife's research was reported in several Montevideo newspapers today. It was nice publicity for her and her co-author except that the numbers reported in the articles are wrong. My wife's estimate for the increase in remittances to Uruguay from emigrants is between 12-15%, not the 62% calculated by the reporters in the articles.

From El Pais:
"Remesas a Uruguay fueron de U$S 115:

Se prevé que sigan creciendo; en 2006 subieron un 62%

El envío de remesas a Uruguay "continuará creciendo" en el futuro debido a la suba en la emigración y a la "propensión" de las personas fuera del país a volcar dinero hacia su país, según el estudio Remesas en Uruguay de los economistas Fernando Borraz y Susan Pozo a cuyas conclusiones accedió El País."

From El Espectador
Lo bien que viene

Los uruguayos radicados en el extranjero enviaron a sus familias remesas por 115 millones de dólares en 2006, lo que significa un incremento del 62 por ciento en comparación con 2005, de acuerdo a un estudio difundido.

En 2005 las remesas enviadas desde el exterior por los uruguayos ascendieron a 71,3 millones de dólares.

Según el estudio realizado por los economistas Fernando Borraz y Susan Pozo y difundido por El Espectador, al menos en un 2 por ciento de los hogares uruguayos se reciben remesas.

My wife is a bit upset by the errors. She and her co-researcher spent a good part of the day trying to contact the media and make corrections, without much success.

EL Pais does plan a longer article on their research in a few weeks.

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I can see that your wife is uruguayan? If thats the case it explains how much of a "murguero" you have become.
your assie-uruguayan friend.
By the way, "asaltantes con patente" was no doubt the best.
thanks for the blog!
My wife's background is a little complicated. She was born in New York and lived all over the world, but never in Uruguay. My father-in-law was born in New York but raised in Montevideo, so there is a connection.

My wife, by the way, doesn't care much for murga.

Thanks for your comments!
I just happened to see your "tablado" videos on youtube and came across your blog. I am about to teach a unit on the "murgas" in Uruguay and plan to refer my students to these great videos.

By the way, I am a Uruguayan in the States and happened to read the article on the "remesas" last week on EL Espectador... I am sorry they messed up.

Thanks for this blog. It's good to read about Uruguay as seen through the eyes of a visitor.
The Miami Herald had an article on murgas last week that might be appropriate for your students.
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